To develop trade relations between the United States and China.

(a) To develop trade relationship with the United States and China Corporations.
(b) To define and develop the resources that are available to Minmetals, Inc. (L.A.).
(c) To provide Quality service and thrive for excellence.

Core Values:
 Building together in unity
 Reaching out to pull inward
 Touching other cultures
 Bridging the gap between the nations

China Minmetals Corporation, founded in 1950, is a conglomerate dealing worldwide in development, production, trading and operation for metals and minerals. It is also engaged in finance, real estate and logistics. In 1999, China Minmetals was listed among the 39 "key enterprises" with a great bearing on national security and economic lifeline under the direct jurisdiction of the Central Government. In 2007, Minmetals was ranked Class A when the SASAC evaluated the performance of state-owned enterprises under the jurisdiction of the Central Government. In 2010, China Minmetals achieved a total business volume of US$43 billion dollar with operating revenue of RMB 255 billion yuan by responded the international financial crisis actively. In 2011, the Group was ranked No. 228 among the Fortune Global 500 with a revenue of $37.555 billion USD.

Minmetals Los Angeles Office
The products and raw materials the Group handles have been widely used in different areas of national economic construction and people's livelihood. Minmetals has made remarkable contributions to the national economic development and modernization program. In recent years, has implemented a new development strategy to intensify operations in ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, finance, real estate and logistics. To forge an industrial chain, Minmetals has promoted its strategic transformation for securing more resources. The Group has been transformed from a traditional state-owned enterprise with strong characteristics of the planned economy in the past to a modern, competitive and independent enterprise under the socialist market economy. And it has changed from a pure import and export company into a global integrated enterprise backed up with resources from both downstream and upstream industries.